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Courses offered this year (2018-2019)
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List of all courses

1106 Introduction to Philosophy
1113 The Examined Life in the Information Age
1413 God, Ethics, and Justice
1423 Freedom, Mind, and Knowledge
2003 The Pre-Socratics to Plato
2016 Early Modern Philosophy
2033 Aristotle and the Hellenistic Philosophers
2103 Aesthetics
2223 Existentialism
2233 Philosophy and Feminism
2303 Critical Perspectives on the Environment
2306 Ethics
2403 Philosophy of Religion
2713 Biomedical Ethics
2803 Metaphysics
2813 Informal Logic
2823 Symbolic Logic
2913 Philosophy of Science
3023 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
3113 Kant: The Critique of Pure Reason
3203 Philosophy of Law: Rights, Laws, and Judges
3213 Philosophy of Law: Private Law
3223 Kantian Practical Reason
3313 Philosophy of Mind
3553 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
3613 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
3903 Epistemology
4113 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
4853 Philosophical Topics
4913 Directed Readings 1
4923 Directed Readings 2
4996 Honours Thesis
5113 Topics in Social and Political Philosophy