Acadia Philosophy Society

President: Colum Haight
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marc Ramsay

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Instagram: @acadiaphilosophysociety

Acadia Philosophy Society Constitution

The Acadia Philosophy Society (APS) is a student run organization with the goal of promoting philosophical inquiry into diverse topics, fostering an examined life within students, and philanthropy. The club is open to all Acadia University students. There is no fee for membership, but members are encouraged to donate to a charity of their choice, participate in some charitable event, or volunteer within their community to realize the mission statement of the APS.

Presidency and Election: In mid-March the members of the society will meet, without the President present, to determine whether or not a new President should be chosen for the following academic year. The eligible voters are those members who have attended at least three of the PhilSoc meetings during the winter term. There will be a secret ballot of which the Faculty Advisor will tally the votes. If 25% or more of the eligible voters believe that a new President should be chosen, then all students interested in the position may nominate themselves. The following week there will be another secret ballot in which the new President will be elected, or the old President reelected. The former president may vote.

If less than 25% of the eligible voters believe there should be a new President appointed, the current President will maintain the position for the following year.

If the current President will be not be attending University the following year, nominations and the election will take place during the second-to-last and last meetings of the year respectively.