Philosophy at Acadia

Philosophy tackles the most fundamental questions anyone can ask, such as "How should I live? What can I know? Does God exist? What rights and duties do I have? Do I act freely?"

Studying philosophy bestows insight into questions like these and develops skills of analysis, argumentation and clear expression. Philosophical questions underlie the theory and practice of every academic field.

The Acadia website says, "At Acadia, we teach you to question. Our faculty members will challenge you to think critically. To debate and engage. And to enjoy intellectually challenging academic programs." No other department at Acadia matches the Philosophy Department in its focus on critical thinking and the pursuit of intellectual challenge for the intrinsic rewards it offers. Our award-winning teachers and rigorous program produce highly successful graduates.

Students in our program...

won the Faculty of Arts Kirkconnell Essay Prize ($3000) and Colville Award ($2500) on multiple occasions;

served as ASU Vice-President Academic three years in a row.

won the prestigious Presidential Graduate Fellowship at MIT.

gained admission to graduate school at Brown, the University of California, Carleton, Cornell, Dalhousie, Harvard, Indiana, McGill, Memorial, MIT, Ottawa, Princeton, Purdue, Queen's, Simon Fraser, Toronto, UBC, Victoria, Western, and York.

gained admission to law school at Dalhousie, Osgoode Hall, Ottawa, Queen's, and Wales.

gained admission to medical school at Memorial.

won graduate scholarships totaling over $850,000.